We are taking a break from our regular schedule to do a Q+A episode for 2019.  We have in the past peppered these episodes in and over on Patreon I am doing so much of it that I wanted to bring a little of that here to the main podcast.

We go over some really technical issues as well as some more career oriented questions.  We touch on a few topics that we haven't done so yet on the podcast so hopefully you are able to get something out of it.

Enjoy the episode!

Patreon Podcast - Lion (No I am not)

This week on the Patreon Feature Film Breakdown Series we are looking at Lion shot by Greig Fraser ASC.

A great example of how successful a top tier cinematographer can be without the normal production perks that go along with large studio filmmaking.  

We take an extensive look at two very different scenes and go over how Greig was able to capture the images he was after.

To see the images and listen to the special breakdown podcast click the link below:

The Wandering DP Patreon

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They are generously providing 50 free copies to the first people to request them.

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Cinematographer and host of The Wandering DP Podcast. You can see select examples of work at my personal site or follow me on instagram.

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    How to find/meet/introduce/collaborate with new Directors? I’m based in the states and actively networking outside my hometown of St. Louis MO.