Today on the podcast I am trying to bash through some of the Patreon questions and ohter listener questions before we get in to the next round of interviews.  If you emailed questions that I didn't get to, never fear, I will try and answer them on the next Q+A later in the year.

Many thanks for listening to the show and helping to spread the word, the podcast has really grown over the last 12 months and it has been awesome to hear from people all over the world about how it has helped them along their way.

Enjoy the episode and we will be back next week with the Panavision DXL2 breakdown!

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Feature Film Podcast - We Made It

It is all over.

We came, we saw, we rolled.  The feature film is in the can (or on the hard drive) and in this week's final Feature Film Podcast I outline our last week of travel all over Australia with a big finish in Sydney.

Lots of ups and downs and some crazy stories along the way.

To follow along with the Feature Film journey in real time click the link below to check out the weekly podcast:

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