Director Jeff Yeats is our guest on the show today.  I first became aware of Jeff and his work on instagram a few years ago and it was awesome to catch up with him in person and record this podcast.

Jeff has a unique view on the business and shares some valuable lessons he has learnt along the way.  He has worked his way up the directing ladder and in our conversation he lays out how he managed to take advantage of the opportunities around him.

Definitely check out a few of his spots in the show notes below!

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Feature Film Podcast -Week 3 & Counting

We managed to weather thunder, lighting, rain and more as our night exteriors turned chaotic this week on the feature film.  We were fully in to our night shoots this week and it was difficult on every department.

In this week's Patreon podcast I lay out the week's schedule and what worked and what didn't.

I share stories of how we overcame some unexpected obstacles and reveal what has been the biggest change in my approach to cinematography because of this experience.

To follow along with the Feature Film journey in real time click the link below to check out the weekly podcast:

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Featured Guest - Director Jeff Yeats

Personal Website:  Jeff Yeats

Instagram: @jeffyeats7

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