Another year has come and gone and in today's episode we take a look back at the year from an analytical viewpoint.  

I started this series in 2016 to keep a running tally of information that I could look back on track how the economics of my career were shaping up.

Now 3 years later we can definitely see some firm patterns taking shape and in the show we break those down, look at the jobs, where they came from, and how much return we got on our investments.

Thanks for the great year on the podcast and I am looking forward to an even better 2019!

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Feature Film Podcast - On the Road

The trial run of the mobile podcasting set up worked well and that means we are on the road this week.

We are on hiatus from pre on the feature over the holiday break which means I get some time to catch up on my own pre work while on vacation.  I will upload some of the key pre documents and share my thoughts on tackling these important scenes so make sure to find a minute and tune in if you are a Patreon supporter.

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