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This is the start of our new video series over on our Youtube channel for the The Wandering DP.

Each week I will be slicing up a few different segments from our Patreon live stream and sharing them here.

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The Patreon Group: Taking the Next Step

The Patreon group has grown into the place where I am able to share and interact with the community on a much more regular basis.

The support has allowed the show to grow from a podcast to a youtube channel and more.  I am very grateful for the encouragement and each week as a thank you I host a live stream where members can submit their own projects/footage to be featured on the show.

If you are interested more in depth content about cinematography that picks up where this show and the podcast leave off then the Patreon group is for you.

If you sign up to the support the show today you get access to all our future live streams plus the entire back catalogue of bonus content with all of our recorded live streams in full, exclusive podcasts, templates for lighting documents and treatments, and much more.

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