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Our guest on the show this week is Canadian cinematographer Oli Millar.  Oli shares his story of breaking in to the business, moving his life across the world, and now settling in New York to pursue his career in cinematography.

Oli is a super talented DP and it was a pleasure to chat to him about his career so far and the work he has been involved in.  Do yourselves a favor and check out some of his work below and give him a follow on instagram.

The Patreon Podcast: Monitor Calibration Part 1

Avid Patreon supporters will know that I have been talking about switching monitors for a few months now and last month I finally got around to immersing myself in to the world of professional Monitor Calibration.

There was not a whole lot of information to get me started but after a few thousand emails and a few hundred failures I think I can say I have arrived at a point where I am somewhat knowledgable in the art of Monitor Calibration.

This week on the Patreon Podcast will be one of two sections on Monitor Calibration.  This podcast will focus more on the why then the nitty gritty how of the operation.  Next week I will do a video and breakdown all the various, and easily mixed up, steps necessary to get accurate and acceptable results.

Many thanks to the supporters of the show for making this all possible.  Hopefully podcasts like this will help you along your journey.  

Click the link below to listen to the podcast:

Patreon Podcast: Monitor Calibration Part 1

Featured Guest: DP Oli Millar

Personal Website:

Instagram: oli_millar

The Work

Chevrolet - The Hunt Alone

Mercedes-Benz - Relentless Pursuit

Steve Yedlin: Your Technical Advisor

If you are at all interested in high end image capture then this man's website is for you.  Make sure to bring you A game.

On his site you will find a host of tests and articles that are all of a staggering quality but his most recent Resolution Tests are a great point to start from.

Website: ​

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