One of my favorite directors, Michael Spiccia, is our featured guest on the podcast today.

We chat about the crazy experience of casting for his epic Apple commercial, getting started in Australia, making the move to LA and much more.  Chances are if you listen to this podcast you are very familiar with Michael's work.

Do yourselves a favor and scroll down and watch his Apple ad if you haven't already seen it.


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Feature Film Podcast - The First Week of Offical Pre

Pre-production on the film has officially began and I am in Sydney on a job until Wednesday.

In this week's Patreon podcast we will go over all the latest with the film process.  Crunch time is officially upon us and it looks like it is going to be a mad scramble to the start of production.  

The whole crew is coming together and getting on the same page and I am excited about all the things to come.

Don't miss this week's Patreon podcast for more reference material, location issues, budget fixes and more.

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Featured Guest: Director Michael Spiccia

Website: Michael Spiccia

Instagram: @michaelspiccia