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Another year has come and gone and on the podcast this week we take a look at the figures to try and make sense of it all.  

It is easy to get swept up in the jobs on a day to day basis and it has become an annual event here on the show to take a step back and look at the overall year.

We will be going over all the numbers from number of days worked, rental items, pre-production days, and more.

Patreon Podcast: The Next Level

The Patreon live streams are well and truly alive.  Lots of great feedback and questions coming through and I think it is a format that can help bring the community learning up to the next level.

The ability to interact and look at listener projects in real time has been eye opening and I am looking forward to continuing to push the live stream forward.  

This week on Patreon we go over another listener submitted project and take a look at the cinematography and lighting choices.

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