We are doing a bit of a different show this week.  

I am releasing my latest cinematography course this week (A Cinematography System: Volume II) and to celebrate I am reminding you why you shouldn't listen to me.  It is fun to have a laugh but also important to remember that I have no idea what I am talking about.  

All I can offer is what works for me on a day to day basis.  Everything I share I do so that you can hopefully skip my mistakes and get better faster.  I try to provide as much value as possible but my system might not fit with your end goals.


A Cinematography System: Volume II Release Date

This week is the launch of Volume II of the Playbook Approach to Cinematography.

This is the second course in the BODVO system and centers around the "Office" scenario.  The system I lay out in this course is how I approach every job and every scene I shoot regardless of the style or subject matter.

I am incredibly proud of the final result and it encapsulates everything I know about cinematography systems in an easy to follow structured environment.

The official launch date for the course is Wednesday February 15th but if you are a Patreon supporter be sure to be on the look out for a sneak peek and a healthy discount to say thank you for all the support.  

If you are interested in seeing the evolution of my approach to cinematography I highly suggest you check it out:

The Wandering DP Courses

Patreon Podcast: Schedules

This week on the Patreon Podcast we delve in to the murky waters of scheduling.  

Who decides what?  Why you should act early and what is something you should never do (that I did)?

If you get the schedule wrong you can put yourself and the production under a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress but get it right and it can be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.

I am having fun with the niche topic podcast so please keep the topics flowing.

The Wandering DP Patreon Podcast

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