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Today on the show we sit down with a rising star in the cinematography community, Mr. Eric Branco.

Eric talks about his beginnings in the film world, how he decides what types of projects to take on, working in the new post-COVID world and much more.


Commercial Cinematography: The Foundation Course

If you are interested in Commercial Cinematography and getting the most out of Pre-Production than this course is for you. 

In the course I lay out a step by step plan of action to get on commercial production radars and raise the level of your projects by maximising the prep time you have at your disposal.

Check it out:

Commercial Cinematography - The Foundation

Patreon Podcast - 7 Psychopaths

Over on Patreon this week we are breaking down a sceanrio that has kept many a great cinematographers up at night.  The dreaded multi-page day time exterior scene.  

The challenge of matching 2-3 days of shooting day time exteriors and making it all feel as though it is happening over a 10 minute period is incredibly challenging.  We look at Seven Psychopaths and how cinematographer Ben Davis used a few clever tricks to make his scenes seamless.

To see the images and listen to the special breakdown podcast click the link below:

The Wandering DP Patreon

Featured Guest - Cinematographer Eric Branco

Personal Website:  Eric Branco

Instagram: @ericbranco

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Cinematographer and host of The Wandering DP Podcast. You can see select examples of work at my personal site or follow me on instagram.

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