In the midst of all this quarantine craziness we chat with cinematographer Tom Banks.

Tom and I discuss his early steps in the business, the value of his film school experience, where productions are headed post-iso and much more.

Definitely check out Tom's website and instagram listed below.


Commercial Cinematography - The Course

If you are interested in Commercial Cinematography and getting the most out of Pre-Production than this course is for you. 

In the course I lay out a step by step plan of action to get on commercial production radars and raise the level of your projects by maximising the prep time you have at your disposal.

Check it out:

Commercial Cinematography - The Foundation

Patreon Podcast - Beach Bummmmmer

This week on the Feature Film Breakdown we take a look at Beach Bum.  

We couldn't have picked a bigger contrast from last week's The Goldfinch but the Discord community asked for it so here it is.

Lots to talk about and we get in to some areas we rarely cover on the breakdown.

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The Wandering DP Patreon

Featured Guest - Tom Banks

Personal Website:  Tom Banks

Instagram: ​@banksfilm​​​