On the show this week we chat with cinematographer Joseph White about his transition from long form narrative projects to the fast paced world of beauty and fashion commercials.

Joseph shares his insights in to the industry, how he made the switch from long form to commercial, and lays out some of the pros and cons of the commercial life.


Update: The Commercial Cinematography Course is LIVE

The original date for the course to be released was later this month but with so much happening in the world and people having a bit of spare time on their hands I thought I would push it out early.

You can check out the course and all the modules included at the link below,

Video: Tech Scout Tips

The countdown to the very first course for Wandering DP listeners is officially underway.

This week I wanted to share 5 easy ways to increase Tech Scout Productivity.  The tech scout is easily the most critical time of pre-production for cinematographers to make an impact on the final look and feel of a project.

There are so many things to focus on and to be considerate of in this time period that it can often be overwhelming for new DPs to narrow down what they should be focusing on and who they should be talking to.

This video outlines a few of my tips to help you find out where your time and energy are best spent on the tech scout.

Click the button below to check out the video.

Patreon Podcast - School of Progress

This week on the Patreon Podcast we are looking at one of our own.  It is the return of the listener submitted breakdowns.

In this episode we look at making the most out of your locations, how you can make or break a project by maximizing your budget and more.

To see the images and listen to the special breakdown podcast click the link below:

The Wandering DP Patreon

Featured Guest - Cinematographer Joseph White

Personal Website:  Jospeh White

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Cinematographer and host of The Wandering DP Podcast. You can see select examples of work at my personal site or follow me on instagram.

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