On the podcast this week we chat with director Noah Conopask about his transition from motion graphics to directing live action.

Noah shares his experience going from a studio environment to a freelance world, how he approaches the commercial directing process, and more.

I have been a fan of Noah's work for a number of years now so it was great to finally get him on the show.


Patreon Podcast #140 - The King of Darkness

One of my favorite cinematography films of the year is the subject of our analysis over on the Patreon podcast this week.  We look at Adam Arkapaw's work on The King.

Lots to discuss and look at in this gorgeous piece of work and I had fun going through the various environments and dissecting the incredible attention to detail in this film.

To see the images and listen to the special breakdown podcast click the link below:

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Featured Guest - Director Noah Conopask

Personal Website:  Noah Conopask

Instagram: @noahconopask

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