We are back to our regularly scheduled content this week and in this episode we chat with director Pierre Michel-Estival.  

Pierre has a unique story on how he came to be a commercial director and in this episode he shares his path from the VFX world to the on set one.

Be sure to check out a small sample of his work below.


Patreon Podcast - BooKKKlight

This week over on Patreon we take a long look at BlacKkKlansman shot by a former guest of the show Chayse Irvin.

Beautiful images throughout the film and you throw Tom Poole in the mix as colorist and you have a winning formula for the film. 

Head over to the Patreon page to listen to the podcast and see the images discuessed throughout the episode.

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Featured Guest - Director Pierre Michel-Estival

Personal Website: Pierre Michel-Estival

Instagram: @pmichel_estival