On the show today is cinematographer Guillermo Garza AMC.  Guillermo is one of my personal favorites and I always enjoy checking out his latest work.

We had a great conversation about how he got started in the industry, meeting Guillermo del Toro in a library, and how he has worked his way up the film ladder.

It was a pleasure to chat and I hope you enjoy the episode this week!

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Patreon Content - Session #2 The Feature Begins

You want more access to the cinematography goodness that is this podcast?

Patreon is the place to get it and we are kicking it up a notch this week.  

This is the real start for our making of a feature series.  Pre-production is officially underway and to get the ball rolling with BTS access I am making my initial impressions document available for download.

The Wandering DP Patreon home page

I will also be doing a companion podcast to the treatment to give you all some context for the imagery and the ideas in the treatment.

Featured Guest: Cinematographer Guillermo Garza

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