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This week on the podcast we sit down with Australian cinematographer Tim Tregoning to chat about film school, finding our first commercial jobs, and carving out a path to get to the next level.

Tim shares his story of how he got started and how building a solid reel helped him get gigs straight out of school.

Patreon Podcast: Sketching Out a Treatment

On the Patreon Podcast this week I breakdown a small snippet from a feature film treatment I made.  Writing treatments is few and far between for DPs but if you are interested in the process this is the episode for you.

I share the layout, the types of images I am looking for, where those images should go and more.  

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Featured Guest: DP Tim Tregoning

Website: Tim Tregoning

Instagram: @timtregoning

Hammerstone - Trailer

Skoda - TVC