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This week on the podcast we chat with Matt Workman from Cinematography Database about the future of cinematography, image capture, the role of the DP and more. 

Matt brings a wealth of knowledge in 3D, VR, and cinematography to the table and it was a pleasure chatting with him about where he believes things are heading.

Patreon Podcast: Silhouettes & Listener Q's

This week on the Patreon podcast we go over tips for creating silhouettes and answer a number of supporter questions.  

We talk about an M40 being the right light for table top work, old Zeiss Contax lenses, setting up to shoot a night time bedroom scene, and when and where to pull an HSL key from in your Resolve node chain.

To listen to this episode of the Patreon podcast and to get access to the 20 plus podcasts for supporters click the link below:
Patreon Podcast: Silhouettes & Listener Q's

Matt Workman - Cinematography Database

If you aren't familiar with Matt Workman or the software he created be sure to head over to the Cinematography Database website to give it a look.

I have been using Cinedesigner since the beginning and Matt has now made the process much easier with the release of Set Designer.

If you are interested in cinematography and understanding how light works I would consider diving in to the 3D pre-viz landscape.