This week on the show we chat with cinematographer Billy Peña about his start in the film world, coming up in NYC, making the move out to L.A. and managing a young family with the increasing travel demands of a commercial DP.

I had a great time chatting with Billy and be sure to check out his work below and give him a follow over on Instagram.


Patreon Podcast #137 - Out of the Highlights

Over on Patreon this week we take a long look at Masanobu Takayangi's work on Out of the Furnace.

I am always looking for films where the standard frame work is pushed to an extreme or completely thrown out the window and this film does exactly that.  Lots of interesting looks and decisions to chat through that hopefully you can use to make better choices on your next project.

To see the images and listen to the special breakdown podcast click the link below:

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Featured Guest - Billy Peña

Personal Website:  Billy Peña

Instagram: @billimo